Rain Gutter Filter Foam Leaf Guards
by The Needle-Leaf WEDGE

gutterEasy to install, easy to maintain and keeps everything out of your gutters EXCEPT water.

The Needle-Leaf WEDGE

Rain Gutter Foam Filter Leaf Guards

What is the Needle-Leaf WEDGE? Sure, it's "Gutter Protection", but a lot more.

It is a rain gutter leaf guard and filter that acts like a sieve to keep your rain gutters debris, leaf and needle-free and your rainwater running unrestricted.

The Needle-Leaf WEDGE is easy to install, easy to maintain and keeps everything out of your rain gutters EXCEPT water.

Unlike other rain gutter foam inserts, the Needle-Leaf WEDGE has a 25-year no clog warranty. That's a long time for leaf guards.

It is guaranteed to help prevent winter freezing disasters caused by water and other debris that often clog up gutters. Our leaf guards keep your rain gutters virtually maintenance free.

The Needle-Leaf WEDGE is protected with powerful anti-UV and antimicrobial coatings and so will not grow mold, mildew, fungus, algae or moss, or bend, crack or flake in the sun.

Compared with other rain gutter guards that sell at $30 or more per foot, the Needle-Leaf WEDGE is one of the most economical rain gutter leaf guards on the market.

You'll save even more money because you may never have to pay for a rain gutter or leaf guard cleaning service again.

Our rain gutter leaf guards mean no more expensive roof, fascia & foundation repairs due to damage caused by clogged, overflowing rain gutters.

The Needle-Leaf WEDGE can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding in blocked rain gutters and so helps prevent West Nile fever and other mosquito-borne viruses.

Installing our rain gutter leaf guard foam insert means that you may never again have to climb a ladder to clean out your rain gutters. Our leaf guards really work so you don't have to.

The Needle-Leaf WEDGE comes in four shapes and sizes to fit almost any style of rain gutter. Keep your rain gutters free with our leaf guards.

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  • 25 - Year No-Clog Warranty
  • Never clean-out or pay to have rain gutters cleaned out again
  • Prevent ladder related injuries and lost wages.
  • Anti-UV & Antimicrobial coatings protects for 25 years.
  • Eliminate winter freezing caused by clogged water & debris in rain gutters.
  • Compare to other Gutter Protection at $30/Ft.
  • Prevent roof, fascia & foundation damage caused by clogged, overflowing rain gutters.